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BOONAH SHOW Oscar      Phoebe Blanc and oskar

My husband Kevin and I are fortunate enough to have a small stable of show horses including five thoroughbred hacks and two ponies. Since we changed to purchasing our lucerne exclusively from Scenic Rim Lucerne we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of hard feed we have had to feed our horses while still maintaining their show condition particularly over the Winter months.
It is important to me that I feed my horses only the highest quality feeds to ensure they are presented at their best whenever they step into the show ring. I am a strong believer that your horse must be healthy on the inside to truly shine on the outside, and the beautiful leafy lucerne that we purchase from Scenic Rim Lucerne has enabled us to deliver this.
Our 4 year old daughter Phoebe has two little ponies, Ozcar an 8.1 hh shetland and Oscar an 11 hh Welsh A pony. Both of these ponies are fed a diet consisting solely of Scenic Rim Lucerne. We don't use any polishing / shining products on either pony, but as you can see in the photos, you could not get a lovelier healthy, shiny coat on a horse than these two have. A true testament to the quality and goodness provided by Scenic Rim Lucerne hay.
Blanc Family
Photo Credits; Boonah Show is Downunder Photography ; HAK_6002 is JMS photography ; the other photo is ours :-)


Mell Cannon  Beatle

Owning two fussy thoroughbreds and an elderly quarter horse we are very careful what we feed our horses. We cannot afford to have any wastage and I have found that when I feed Scenic Rim's Lucerne Hay I never ever have any left or spread out in the paddock. The bales are heavy and generous and the hay is beautifully soft and green. My horses have never looked better and I truly believe it is because of the quality Hay and Chaff they are fed, they love it.

Pictured is our daughter Mell who has been competing in Pony Club since she was 5. She has been very successful competing at Gymkhana's on Rumbo who has competed at state gymkhana and state sporting - and this year at the Zone Gymkhana won the overall high points trophy. Mell is now venturing into Showjumping and her other horse Beatle is coming along nicely, competing in showjumping - D Grade, placing third overall at his second competition. His last event was at Mudgeeraba Show where he had clear rounds in the 90 cm and 1.05 m classes. He too has started x country training and is loving every minute of it.


Lisa Cannon


Photo Credit to Downunder Photography

Renoir  Amanda

Renoir my Percheron is fed hay exclusively from Scenic Rim Lucerne who also donates to Amanda Vella (pictured) "SAVE A HORSE AUSTRALIA" Thanks for everything you do for the rescue horses xx


Jen Malloch


Photo credits to Precious Pets Photography

Lucifer and Kathryn Priol

This is Kalkadoon Lucifer, a 6 and 1/2 year old endurance horse. Lucifer and I (Kathryn) just completed our first 160km ride together at the Queensland State Championships; we managed not only to complete successfully, but to come 4th in our division. Feeding endurance horses requires a good understanding of nutrients to ensure you get the balance correct and good quality hay is a must! We have always found Scenic Rim Lucerne a reliable supplier for good quality hay and our horses love it; there is never any hay left over. We buy a mix of hay including lucerne, grassy lucerne and barley hay; we know we can rely on the quality from Scenic Rim Lucerne.


Kathryn Priol and Ron Bancroft