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 As SEQ Brand Manager of Dynavyte I am happy to recommend this product to all our hay customers as a supplement. Dynavyte helps your horse or animal absorb and utilise the feed that you give them, you will see great results after only a week or so giving 40ml per day. Please ask me about Dynavyte and how it can be a part of your horses feed program. Jenny 0418736588

Dynavyte has several benefits to using it ALL year around for optimal health and performance. A few include:

  • Food conversion
  • Maintaining consistent gut health
  • Saving money not needing to feed as much
  • Getting maximum nutrients out of feed
  • Easy to apply over the tongue if you have trouble feeding in winter
  • Horses hit next season in full condition!





For those in Queensland, Winter means DRY and we have had a poor wet season. Many properties are facing a winter with little or no grass. Dynavyte can play a role in managing this winter dry by helping your horse get the most out of the feed available. A beneficial product of fermenting Humates is Fulvic Acid. Fulvic Acid is a gift of nature as it has several benefits. Two key benefits are that it assists absorption of nutrients by dilating cell walls. This will improve the feed conversion ratio. A second benefit is it catalyses vitamins so they do what they need to do. The kelp in
Dynavyte will also help as it has naturally occurring Fucoidans. Apart from having a natural anti inflammatory, Fucoidans also have immune boosting properties.

Testimonial for Dynavyte

  • Good Luck to one of our Rising Star Riders Nathan Moynihan from the Gold Coast who is competing in the Pony Club State Showjumping Championships this weekend at Gatton in SEQ.
  • Nath’s new horse Trevor was in good paddock condition when he got him earlier this year. Putting him into work and giving him 40ml of Dynavyte a day has seen him transform into show condition over a 6 week period.
  • Trevor is 17 years old and as an extra health measure he also has a daily dose of Prime to help his muscles and joints. We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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