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Grow Green's products are the result of 20 years research and development. Our technology converts select organic waste products into nutrients in the form of amino acids. These are rapidly absorbed by plants and result in improved plant growth and subsequently improved crop yields.

At Scenic Rim Lucerne we manage our plant  nutrition and soil enhancement program through the use of Grow Green Technology Products.

The benefits we have seen in our crop has been an increase in yield and plant quality.  We have also seen an improvement in our soil through the microbial activity and from the foliar use of Profert Protein Fertilizer, this has been a source of plant energy resulting in a healthy strong plant delivering a softer and more palatable hay. We have also noticed a lower incidence of insect attack.

 The crop stands out in its ability to withstand stress and has exceeded our expected yields.

A number of our clients have commented favorably on the quality and softness of our hay.




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Our Paddock at Grow GreenOur Paddock at Grow Green